Adult Christian Education

Sundays, 9:30 a.m. in the library:

Greetings from Adult Sunday School,

I’m sure that most of us have studied Genesis before, but maybe not with the intent of this Fall’s study. We are using Genesis as the entry point and part of a greater study of Revelation. In Genesis, we will be reading old stories of primeval events, the Patriarchal period and Joseph with new eyes. With developing a firm foundation in mind, we will be looking for those things in Genesis, the Exodus story, the Babylonian Exile and the first coming of Jesus that will inform us in a faithful study of the Second Coming in Revelation. This is quite an adventure.

Adult Sunday School is not only a place of discovery but a place to enter discussion and a chance to tell your own story as prompted by Holy Scripture. Come with your favorite morning beverage and curiosity. Ask questions. We are open to side trips here and there. We meet promptly at 9:30 am on Sunday mornings in the library.


Rosalie Adducie

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