Message from Pastor Jerry

Monthly Message
November 2018

Greetings and peace to you all!

A little over a year ago, we the people of the United Proclamation of the Gospel in Bethlehem, came together to launch a new kind of ministry among us. Together we have brought three different and unique congregations bound together by our common core beliefs
that our unity in Christ is greater than any differences we may have. Over the course of our time together we have had great moments of joy and exhilaration as we have shared resources, people, talents, and gifts with one another. We have also had our share of trials as we have learned to adapt to thinking about “church” in a different way and have learned to accept each other’s traditions with respect and dignity.

Approximately five months ago, we the people of the United Proclamation of the Gospel in Bethlehem, participated in a questionnaire that was designed to encourage individual believers’ thoughts and opinions in regard to how this new ministry was doing and to elicit your thoughts about how you would like to see us move forward in the future. The results of this questionnaire encouraged our congregational councils to extend the current United Proclamation of the Gospel agreement to September of 2022. Our two year trial was now increased to a total of five years in order that we would be able to fully realize how this new ministry might work in our world.

Now, my sisters and brothers in Christ, I ask you to join me in “rolling up our sleeves” and share in the task of “re-visioning” our shared ministry. The leadership of our community would like to have an ad-hoc task force come together in order to make short term and mid-range plans for the United Proclamation of the Gospel. We would like to invite you to a Saturday morning

retreat on November 3, 2018 at 9:00 AM in our St. Peter’s campus social hall to be part of the visioning process for our shared ministry. At this initial meeting we will be working on a shared “mission statement” and provide a list of thoughts, hopes, and dreams for what our community might look like by September 2022. It is our greatest hope and desire that we would have as much participation in this process as possible and we would like to hear from as many of our sisters and brothers in Christ as possible.

Following this initial task force meeting, we believe there will be a minimum of three sub task forces formed, potentially more based on our initial gathering, that will begin to work out the details of how we will proceed to make our new vision a reality among us. Right now, our leadership envisions a sub task force on the following areas: Public Proclamation (how we worship and share the gospel), organization (how we will most effectively organize our ministry teams, staff, Administrative Systems to accommodate our new model of ministry) and Welcoming (procedures for how we would extend invitations to other communities of faith who might be interested in being part of the UPG.)

We are excited about the possibilities of our community of faith. We look forward to the journey that we have embarked on and hope and pray that all of you will actively participate in these formation events in order that God’s will be done among our community and our shared hopes and dreams may become a reality.

May God continue to bless us on this holy pilgrimage!


Pastor Jerry’s November 11 message is about visioning for the United Proclamation of the Gospel