Sun. March 10

Sunday March 10, 2019

Today’s Focus        Readers Choice

Scripture Reading for the Day

Please select any of the passages shared in Worship today, read the chapter in its entirety. Click the reference to read online.

  • Psalm 91
    God will give the angels charge over you, to guard you in all your ways. (Ps. 91:11)
  • Romans 10
    If you confess that Jesus is Lord, you will be saved
  • Luke 4
    The temptation of Jesus in the wilderness for forty days

 Some Questions for Reflection

  • Why did you choose the passage that you choose?
  • What was the major teaching of this particular passage for you?

Today’s Pilgrimage Challenge

  • Share with your group, or with a friend, what you are doing in this Lenten devotion. What do you like about this?  What are you comfortable with?  What challenges are you experiencing.
  • If you are in a “Pilgrimage group (option 1) please plan a time anytime over the course of the next week when you can all get together for coffee or food to talk about your experience.

 Today’s Prayer

O Lord God, You led Your people through the wilderness and brought them to the promised land. Guide us now, so that, following Your Son, we may walk safely through the wilderness of this world toward the life You alone can give, through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, Who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.


5 thoughts on “Sun. March 10

  1. Mel Olenwine

    I chose Romans … no other reason than I’m a new testament person. I struggle with understanding the old. Major teaching? No man who believes in Him, relies on Him, trusts Him and in Him will ever be put to shame or disappointed. There is NO DISTINCTION between Greek or Jew (I take that to mean any person whatsoever). The SAME Lord is Lord over ALL of us. EVERYONE will be saved. By believing and believing only. Doesn’t matter your skin tone, your sex, your sexual preference, your politics, your “organized” or unorganized religion…. So faith comes by “hearing what is told” and “what is heard comes by preaching”. I know plenty of upstanding, wonderful people who never set foot inside a church. I know plenty of bad people who hide inside the walls of their church. For ME personally, I need the teachings in the church to stay grounded, to remind me who I am, and who’s I am, and to reinforce what goes on in my head the rest of the week. I don’t judge those who can’t or won’t attend a service somewhere. We get farther by loving people than judging people. But I can judge with the best of them. “And do you think when you judge and condemn others (for things) when you do them yourself, that you will escape God’s judgment?” WOOPS that’s another passage in Romans….but I continue to work on this one daily.

    1. Pastor Jerry

      One of the things that I really appreciate about Romans is that Paul spends about the first 8 chapters telling the Jewish Christians that they should respect and accept the Gentile Christians and the Gentile Christians that they are part of the Jewish story through Jesus. Sometimes when we look at the world around us with all the “us” and “them” models of this world, we can easily forget that God provides us with an abundance of diversity in order that we can “glean” from one another and see different aspects of faith through different lenses and eyes! This diversity should be celebrated but the voices of this world continue to tell us we should be defensive, afraid, or staunch in our positions to win the day! Thanks for another great reflection!
      Peace, blessings, and love,

  2. Catherine Ziel

    I’ve always liked this passage from Deuteronomy, and it’s certainly a passage for pilgrims. It reminds me of two important things. First, all of Scripture is my story—MY father was a wandering Aramean, I lived as an alien in Egypt, God brought ME out of slavery, God gave ME milk and honey. The Bible isn’t about history—it’s about what God continues to do in my life and the lives of those around me. This blog is a chance to hear what God is doing in our community of faith. Second, God takes the unimportant—wandering Arameans, Jewish fishermen, people from New Jersey—and blesses them and uses them to share the message of God’s love. That’s partof the preaching that Paul talks about in Romans. Not just words from the pastor on Sunday, but lives of faith on Monday.

    1. Pastor Jerry

      Amen! Love the comment “lives of faith on Monday!” Agreed wholly about the story of God’s love throughout all time and all place belongs to all people of all times and all places! Thanks for sharing my sister from New Jersey! 🙂
      Peace, blessings, and love,

  3. Pastor Jerry

    I really like and appreciate psalm 91, God is my shelter, my refuge, my strength, my protection! As you may have gleaned from my message this morning, I feel as if so many voices in our world try to tell us that while these are nice sentiments that they are just nice sentiments. We tend to place our trust in things we can touch, see, experience. For example many people are convinced that living in the right house, being part of the right culture, having the right car, be successful in the right vocation will be happiness and contentment. And while all of these things may provide some sense of safety and security, our trust should not be placed in them, they can be taken away at any given moment.
    In fact I would suggest that even family and friends, governments, worldly security, are all fragile, all fallible, and all potentially insecure.
    And so, our only constant source of security is found in God. God Who has chosen us. God Who has redeemed us. God Who will never abandon us or forsake us along our pilgrimage!
    While our lives will be filled with times when we are close to God and times when we feel distant from God, our Lord is continually present and continually comes to us and meets us where we live, if we open our eyes, our ears, and our hearts to God’s presence dwelling within our midst and among us all.
    Thanks everyone for your thoughts today!


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