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  1. Keith Ricks

    For Sat March 30th 2019

    From the Scripture Reading:
    “… they mobbed him and forced him to the edge of the hill on which the town was built. They intended to push him over the cliff, 30 but he passed right through the crowd and went on his way.”

    They may have “intended” to push him over but this did not happen. I read this with the feeling that it was evidence of goodness in the people stopping their actions and allowing him to leave rather than an intervention of Godly power. One of those, We all get angry when we don’t hear what we like or get our way but in Most cases we stop just before throwing someone off a cliff, kind of things. For me it is an important part of the Bible showing that Humans are not barbarians and God is Truly at the Heart of Us all. So often, Humans are made out to be awful not just in the Bible, but in General through History and in the Present… Well, I should say Made to seem that the scale is tipped heavily in favor of the ‘Bad’ Humans, when that just is not True. It simply takes few Nasty People to make an Enormous Mess while it takes an Enormous Community to Clean it Up. So I think this Story was a Nice “Jesus Highlights the Good, or God in People, because it would have been acceptable to Toss Him over the Cliff in those days,… but, at the last minute, they just had IT in their Hearts.”

    Ok, Lisa I hope You’re not in stick-poking distance of me…
    I lived in Mississippi and Florida and I feel You with the Hurricane thing. Something about the way You write I love, its as if You just think Your words to the keyboard! It excites me! And even though I know the Pain of House destruction… “… house was hit by lightning, ripping a hole in the roof. Okay, God, where are you?” … snicker… See, I’d been raising my fist Up to that Hole screaming something like, “You know God, You could have Just Installed one of those mini spy cams! Get with the Times!…. Gripe… Gripe… My insurance better cover Acts of God!”
    You know Lisa, I always feel as though I owe people like You an apology. I have needed and taken so much from You and others and then I hear these… “… and then we moved to the Lehigh Valley… “ and I imagine if any one of You would not have Moved here in these Years I have been building a Relationship with God… I just don’t know. So, I am thankful for the End Results that You are Here and I hope You are Happy and I hope from now on God just watches You through Your Smart Tech like the Government does, no more spy Holes in You Roof. Keith

    1. Lisa Mantz

      Thanks, Keith. Don’t worry. I won’t poke you! Why would you owe me an apology?
      I have been blessed more than I can fathom! I know I didn’t feel like it at the times all these crazy things were happening to me, but looking back, I can see where God was working in my life. Or at least I THINK I can.

      I’ve shared all this in writing because it’s easier that way. It’s easier to write about it. I’ve always worn my heart on my sleeve. Pastor spoke at bible study about “family secrets” that seemed to bring shame on the family. These were my “secrets” that brought shame to me.

      And yet, through all the craziness of my life and all the pain I have found so many blessings!! Blessings that I want to share with others. I want others to know just how God and the Holy Spirit have been working in my life. Then they will have hope that if God takes care of someone like little old me, He will take care them, too. I know that I would give my life for any one of my children…..and that’s what He did for me!!! How can anyone who knows this and believes it and feels like they have experienced it in their life just keep quiet? ? How can they not share it?? And somehow I just know that God isn’t finished with me yet…

      I hope everyone has a wonderful, blessed evening….



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