Tue. March 12

Tuesday March 12, 2019

 Today’s Focus          More about God, the Father, the Creator

Scripture Reading for the Day        Psalm 89: 1-37

I will sing of the Lord’s unfailing love forever!
Young and old will hear of your faithfulness.
Your unfailing love will last forever.
Your faithfulness is as enduring as the heavens.

The Lord said, “I have made a covenant with David, my chosen servant.
I have sworn this oath to him:
‘I will establish your descendants as kings forever;
they will sit on your throne from now until eternity.’” Interlude
All heaven will praise your great wonders, Lord;
myriads of angels will praise you for your faithfulness.
For who in all of heaven can compare with the Lord?
What mightiest angel is anything like the Lord?
The highest angelic powers stand in awe of God.
He is far more awesome than all who surround his throne.
O Lord God of Heaven’s Armies!
Where is there anyone as mighty as you, O Lord?
You are entirely faithful.

You rule the oceans.
You subdue their storm-tossed waves.
10 You crushed the great sea monster.[b]
You scattered your enemies with your mighty arm.
11 The heavens are yours, and the earth is yours;
everything in the world is yours—you created it all.
12 You created north and south.
Mount Tabor and Mount Hermon praise your name.
13 Powerful is your arm!
Strong is your hand!
Your right hand is lifted high in glorious strength.
14 Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne.
Unfailing love and truth walk before you as attendants.
15 Happy are those who hear the joyful call to worship,
for they will walk in the light of your presence, Lord.
16 They rejoice all day long in your wonderful reputation.
They exult in your righteousness.
17 You are their glorious strength.
It pleases you to make us strong.
18 Yes, our protection comes from the Lord,
and he, the Holy One of Israel, has given us our king.

19 Long ago you spoke in a vision to your faithful people.
You said, “I have raised up a warrior.
I have selected him from the common people to be king.
20 I have found my servant David.
I have anointed him with my holy oil.
21 I will steady him with my hand;
with my powerful arm I will make him strong.
22 His enemies will not defeat him,
nor will the wicked overpower him.
23 I will beat down his adversaries before him
and destroy those who hate him.
24 My faithfulness and unfailing love will be with him,
and by my authority he will grow in power.
25 I will extend his rule over the sea,
his dominion over the rivers.
26 And he will call out to me, ‘You are my Father,
my God, and the Rock of my salvation.’
27 I will make him my firstborn son,
the mightiest king on earth.
28 I will love him and be kind to him forever;
my covenant with him will never end.
29 I will preserve an heir for him;
his throne will be as endless as the days of heaven.
30 But if his descendants forsake my instructions
and fail to obey my regulations,
31 if they do not obey my decrees
and fail to keep my commands,
32 then I will punish their sin with the rod,
and their disobedience with beating.
33 But I will never stop loving him
nor fail to keep my promise to him.
34 No, I will not break my covenant;
I will not take back a single word I said.
35 I have sworn an oath to David,
and in my holiness I cannot lie:
36 His dynasty will go on forever;
his kingdom will endure as the sun.
37 It will be as eternal as the moon,
my faithful witness in the sky!”


Daily Reflection         Luther’s Explanation on the First Article
of the Apostles’ Creed: On Creation

 I believe in God, the Father almighty, Creator of heaven and earth.

 What does this mean?
I believe that God has created me together with all that exist.  God has given me and still preserves my body and soul: eyes, ears, and all limbs and senses; reason and all mental faculties.

In addition, God daily and abundantly provides shoes and clothing, food and drink, house and farm, spouse and children, fields, livestock and all property-along with all the necessities and nourishment for this body and life.  God protects me against all danger and shields and preserves me from all evil.  And all this is done out of pure, fatherly, and divine goodness and mercy, without any merit or worthiness of mine at all!  For all of this I owe it to God to thank and praise, serve and obey Him.  This is most certainly true.

Some questions for reflection

  • How does the psalmist see God’s “reason” for all that God shares with humanity based on this Scripture reading?
  • What verses touched you in hearing about God and creation? Were there any phrases that were used that helped you better understand the power of God in nature?
  • The psalmist begins this psalm by declaring that he will “Sing of the Lord’s unfailing love forever.” How do you “sing of the Lord’s unfailing love forever?”

Today’s Pilgrimage Challenge

  • Tell someone today how you see God at work in their actions or in their life. Don’t overthink this…. It could be as easy as telling someone that you are happy that you saw them open the door for somebody.
  • Share your challenge with someone, share how it made you feel to do this, and how you believe it made the person you did this with feel.

 Today’s Prayer

O God, you direct our lives by your grace, and your words of justice and mercy reshape the world. Mold us into a people who welcome Your word and serve one another, through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen

4 thoughts on “Tue. March 12

  1. Mel Olenwine

    So I’m coming clean. Not only did I not find anyone to bless today, but I darted in front of a woman in a wheelchair at the Rite-Aid today so I could check out before her, because I was on my lunch hour and wanted to get back in time to eat something during my break. First, I’m not normally like that. Any other time of day, I wouldn’t have thought twice about waiting my turn or leaving someone in front of me if we get somewhere at the same time. But I was running LATE, as if that’s an excuse. It’s not. And I knew it was a bad decision because it bothered me the rest of the day. And now here I am thinking…well…I can’t write about what wonderful thing I did today. Because I didn’t. But then I read the psalm…God abundantly provides for me, and all I’m supposed to do is love my neighbor. The one in the wheelchair…. So guilt has washed over me. I’ll try again tomorrow.

  2. Pastor Jerry

    I simply cannot fathom how Awesome, splendorous God really is. I look around at the world around us, I see the abundant resources, I see how God shares so much and so many people and creatures with us. From earth worms to majestic eagles. From crawling critters to great lions. It’s simply amazing!
    Then I see how we humans simply take for granted all the things that our Lord shares. We consume and make money, we possess instead of share and we believe that all around us is simply our to own and to use as we see fit. … Not sure this was God’s hope and desire for humanity. And then just when I start to feel horrible about the human condition and how God must feel.
    God sends a Son to redeem me and the rest of humanity for our sinfulness!
    I simply cannot fathom how Awesome, splendorous God really is!


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